like any CRAFTIVITY, it is important to show up with some shred, however small or large, of inspiration. many SCARETIVITY ideas are bring thrown around, like celebrity scarecrows or scarecrows of historical people  or even wickermen, but sometimes just looking at images of other scarecrows helps.  you can come with an idea, or just see where the day takes you.

for example…


…scarecrow wedding. is this a “capture your favorite memory”-inspired SCARETIVITY? could be. if so, i would make mine of Bruce Dickinson punching the air singing “Children of the Damned” circa 2002 at PNC Bank Arts Center.

scarecrows_trees lone_scarecow

… a little more traditional. i dig the excessive amount of hay protruding from the Lone Scareman’s sleeves. it makes for an anthropormorphic silhouette. posssibly a good technique to scare away the nieghborhood riff raff.


wait, there’s more. posed scarecrows…


there is a GREAT old-fashioned wooden fence at the Caterpilar lot just waiting to be scared-upon. i couldn’t have asked for a better prop.

speaking of props…



animal scarecrows!!what an awesome idea…


and these scarecrows, made by someone in Japan, win the creepy award. i guess they used doll faces, which always send a good shiver up the spine.

there are tons of more images on the net for inspiration. here’s some pop culture too…




yesss!! see you there!


~ by craftivity on October 6, 2009.

One Response to “IMPORTANT: SCARETIVITY Inspiration”

  1. These are truly awesome ideas! Ah, I love this time of year….

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