SCARETIVITY still happens despite RAIN

•October 10, 2009 • Leave a Comment reports rain is supposed to cease by 1pm. however, if you come to the Caterpillar and we are not there because of rain or excessive mud, we will be one block south at 2005 Frankford Ave at GERM BOOKS. GERM is in between the ROcket Cat CAfe and Circle of Hope at Frankford and Norris (CRAFTIVTY’s normal meeting spot). SEE YOU THERE!!



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like any CRAFTIVITY, it is important to show up with some shred, however small or large, of inspiration. many SCARETIVITY ideas are bring thrown around, like celebrity scarecrows or scarecrows of historical people  or even wickermen, but sometimes just looking at images of other scarecrows helps.  you can come with an idea, or just see where the day takes you.

for example…


…scarecrow wedding. is this a “capture your favorite memory”-inspired SCARETIVITY? could be. if so, i would make mine of Bruce Dickinson punching the air singing “Children of the Damned” circa 2002 at PNC Bank Arts Center.

scarecrows_trees lone_scarecow

… a little more traditional. i dig the excessive amount of hay protruding from the Lone Scareman’s sleeves. it makes for an anthropormorphic silhouette. posssibly a good technique to scare away the nieghborhood riff raff.


wait, there’s more. posed scarecrows…


there is a GREAT old-fashioned wooden fence at the Caterpilar lot just waiting to be scared-upon. i couldn’t have asked for a better prop.

speaking of props…



animal scarecrows!!what an awesome idea…


and these scarecrows, made by someone in Japan, win the creepy award. i guess they used doll faces, which always send a good shiver up the spine.

there are tons of more images on the net for inspiration. here’s some pop culture too…




yesss!! see you there!


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CRAFTIVITY will be having its first outdoor, offsite (kind of) session. On October 10th, 2009 (that’s a Saturday) we will be making SCARECROWS at the Caterpillar on Frankford just north of Susquehanna St. There will be snacks and wicked live tunes from Amesa Spentas and EXTREME FISHKIN!!! for an extra ounce of scary inspiration.

We are collecting old clothing and lumber (for frames) donations this week. We will also be taking supply donations at the event as well. Please email is you have anything for us. We greatly appreciate it!!

This is also a family friendly event, so bring the  fam! All misfits, familial and non-familial, welcome (as usual).

And, the best part…SCARETIVITY is FREE! Some light snacks will be provided, we may be suggesting small donations for that, but no worries, we really want your creativity and craftiness. It’s going to be  so muchfun!!!

September = Paper Projects

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September 2009 - Paper Projects at Craftivity

Thanks to everyone who attended this summer’s CRAFTIVITY events. We made some awesome dioramas, mobiles, and a few little pop up books. Unfortunately, we were without a camera, so we are asking that you email us photos of your projects so we can post them. You can send them as attachments to

Next month, we are having CRAFTIVITY on the second Monday because no one will attend CRAFTIVITY on Labor Day weekend. Seriously. So on the 14th, we will be making paper crafts, like postcards, origami, simple book projects and we will also be writing love letters to Jarmel (in case you don’t know, she is the better half of CRAFTIVITY, temporarily in CA until the winter). We’ll be meeting the regular time, 6:30 pm, at Germ (2005 Frankford Ave). Bringing supplies always helps. Extra paper of any kind, extra scissors or exacto blades, glue, whatever. We have supplies, but the more the merrier. Also…bring ideas!! That helps too.

And we will be discussing October’s exciting CRAFTIVITY event, which will be at the Caterpiller on Frankford and Susquehanna…it will be SCARETIVITY. and totally rad.


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Don’t forget!

Monday June 1st
Germ Books (2005 Frankford Ave)
6:30 pm


Please bring any supplies that you would like to use for your diorama. The CRAFTIVITY staff will be bringing what they can, but this is a materials-heavy project so anything you can bring would be really helpful.

You can contact us at



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Sorry dudes.

Use this month to find a shoebox, collect awesome stuff, come up with awesome ideas.

Come back Monday June 1st and make your totally rad SHOEBOX DIORAMA.

See you then!